Good Time 420 Box

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    Celebrate 420 with one of our best deals of the year and a limited time Good Time 420 Box with an assortment of our products formulated for a good time.


    • 4 cans of Good Time Lemonade
    • 1 jar of Good Time Gummies
    • 1 Venom THC Shot
    • A few sample packs of Gummies

    Partnered Reserve - Good Time Gummies

    Good Time Gummies: Each gummy has 10mg of Delta 9 THC and 10mg of CBD for a well-rounded experience. The orange flavor provides a citrus jolt that helps make these perhaps our tastiest gummy ever. With 10 gummies per jar, you'll be able to replicate that easy feeling time after time.

    Partnered Reserve - Good Time Lemonade × 4

    Good Time Lemonade: Each can has 10mg of Delta 9 THC. We use agave syrup for a sweeter taste with a lower glycemic index. Don't settle for bland seltzer drinks that are all too common in D9 infused drinks. Made using QWIK Liquid's water-soluble technology to increase bioavailability and absorption rate through reduced particle size.

    Venom Delta 9 THC Shot

    Get ready for a whole new experience from Partnered Process, VENOM! VENOM Delta 9 is a water soluble flavored syrup using nano-emulsification technology. With 40mg of Delta 9, Venom is sure to liven up an event, create a chill weekday night, or both! Currently available in shockingly tasty Electro-lime. Get ready to experience the latest in water soluble cannabis products, VENOM! Get Bit!

    An assortment of our products for good times and relaxation, put together to celebrate 420.

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    Good Time Products were crafted to partner with your daily life, conveying a RELAXING sense of TRANQUILITY.

    Overcome everyday stresses with the ease of eating a tasty snack. Each of our Good Time products are full-spectrum and contain both CBD and legal Delta 9 THC! This 420 Box contains an assortment of our Good Time and other D9 products selected for your enjoyment. You must be 21 or older to purchase. Ships to all 50 states!

    We pride ourselves on high quality, consistently dosed, 3rd-party lab-tested CBD products, sourced from American grown hemp and local farms, as well as bringing convenience, transparency, and availability to the people that need them.

    Good Time 420 Box • Partnered Process LLC


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