How do you make CBD oil? Why is your processing machine better?

    how do you make cbd oil
    • Our process started with selecting a strain with proper genetics, that provide a good flavor and a wide range of cannabinoids.
    • The plant is then dried properly.
    • The dried plant material is ground to provide small particle sizes for full extraction of the material.
    • The material is then rinsed using pharmaceutical grade grade ethanal in our cryogenic process between -60F to -90F.
    • This ultra cold process ensure not waxes or lipids carry over into the final full spectrum concentrate.
    • This rinse material goes through our 5 stage filtration process to remove any impurities or chlorophyll.
    • The process is controlled to ensure that the material is not in contact with high heat for long periods of time. We also ensure there is no oxygen during the process to prevent any oxidization of the material.
    • This results in a high purity full spectrum crude.
    • This crude is then mixed with various oils, from full organic MCT coconut oil to organic Hemp seed oil.
    • Terpenes or natural flavors as then added to give the tinctures.
    • The oil is then bottled in a sterile conditions to prevent any contamination.

    **clean and environmentally friendly methods**

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