How will I know if my CBD oil is organic? What’s the difference? Why is organic better?

    How will I know if my CBD oil is organic?

    Not all hemp and CBD products are created equal. Did you know, some hemp is USDA certified organic- but most hemp is not! What’s the big deal and why does this matter? Hemp is a bioaccumulator, which means it absorbs toxins faster than it can release them. It all starts with the soil the hemp is being grown in. Per MOSA, hemp crop can only be labeled as certified organic if the land has been managed without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides for 36 months before the crop is harvested.

    That’s 3 years!  What is the difference between certified organic and ‘organically grown’? A lot of farmers have the right idea and choose to grow and harvest hemp organically,  but if the soil was subjected to pesticides and synthetic fertilizers previously- it take about 3 years for the soil to be free of those nasty contaminants.

    Most hemp is not grown or processed appropriately- causing the hemp to degenerate. You could be getting toxins concentrated in your daily dose, i.c. pesticides, heavy metals, CMO’s, glyphosphates, and/or toxic solvents. Here at Partnered Process, we have the USDA Certified Organic and MOSA stamp of approval for our processing facility. We believe in using USDA Certified Organic hemp and materials for all of our products- providing toxin free product from flower to bottle.

    Whether you are using our hemp derived products as a supplement for its health benefits or for a specific symptom, don’t you want to use something with the USDA Certified Organic stamp of approval? Advance your health and help bring balance to body and mind without adding any of the pesticides, heavy metals, GMO’s, glyphosphatesm or toxic solvents.

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