Pure Hemp – Full Spectrum Oil 1000mg

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    Our full spectrum extract has a smooth taste and all the benefits the hemp plant has to offer. Rather than using coconut oil, this tincture uses hemp oil. The more hemp the better! This product is best consumed by long-time or consistent CBD users who love the taste of hemp.

    Sublingual (under the tongue). For optimal absorption, place drops of oil under the tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds.

    • Relief / Recovery
    • Calmness / Clarity
    • Sleep Aid / Mood Support
    • Supplements / Overall Health
    1ml per Serving. Take one serving orally up to twice per day or as directed by a medical professional
    • Organic MCT Coconut Oil
    • Hemp extract
    • Natural flavoring


    Partnered Proof is designed as a daily regimen conveying an UPLIFTING feeling of ALERTNESS and a sense of TRANQUILITY.

    Pure Hemp creates a tincture that is derived completely from this wonderous plant. It was formulated to give people with allergies the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of our original blend. This product is a full spectrum oil which is produced with hemp sourced from local certified organic farmers. Our tinctures provide a natural source of cannabinoids, nutrients, protein, essential fats and terpenes. These compounds work together simultaneously to maximize their therapeutic properties, known as the “entourage effect”, utilizing all the hemp plant has to offer. Our hemp oil is mixed with certified organic hemp seed oil.

    Pure Hemp - Full Spectrum Oil 1000mg • Partnered Process LLC


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